The Idea!

The Idea came from thinking of the good old days and remembering all the different toys and TV series we used to watch growing up as children! We looked at designing our own NFTs taking inspiration from these mixed in with our own surroundings! Having lived near the beach all our lives we wanted to use this theme with our NFTs! After a long thought process Beached Whales was born!


Working together we aim to deliver great art work NFTs but also an amazing and interesting game to use them in. We are hard working and have been working with each other for the past few years on various projects.


We never shy away from a challenge and will endeavour to ensure the launch of the Beached Whales NFT collection and subsequent game will be a great success.Everyday is a learning day and our best interest is in the long term vision for this project and ensuring we produce a high quality product for all to look at and use!


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The Team


The initial idea creator and social media guru! Brain flies around at 100mph coming up with new ideas on a regular basis! Helped produce the 10,000 Unique Whales and will be sad to see them go. Actively involved with developing the Beached Whales Game!

Big Moz


Website Designer and organiser of the team! Brings a more level headed approach and keeps the team connected! Also involved in ideas forward but these are usually dismissed as they are too weird!

Devilish Dan

cr=w_365,h_365 (1)

The glue that holds this all together! Without him none of this works....... Well it does just not as well!

The artist and creator of our unique Whales works tirelessly to ensure everything looks perfect!

Russ just Russ

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If you still have any questions feel free to contact us through our socials and or directly from the button!

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