We know just how important the roadmap is to our community, and we have lots of great plans for the future of Beached Whale. Our goal is to build the best community in the NFT space and to reward those that stick with us.

Below is just the beginning of Beached Whale’s roadmap, with some of the features and content we have planned. We want our community to become part of the decision making and each one of you to take control of your adventurer’s fate, making your own choices on how they will evolve.

We really hope you are as excited as we are, and we are always open to ideas and feedback. We have a dedicated channel for that in our Discord, so we invite you to join and share your thoughts with us.

  1. ROAD MAP Q1 2022

    Our unique 2D Whales will continue minting whilst we work on a utility! 

    Develop and build our website!  

    Continue to build the community! 


    4,500 unique PFP Beached Whales! Funds raised from this sale will be used to develop aspects of Beached Whales future! A Pre-sale will be to current holders of the unique 2D Beached Whales! This drop will include a 5% royalty which will be used to ensure continued development of Beached Whales!

  2. Q2 2022

    Beached Whale Merchandise 


    Integration of 3D Whales into metaverses

    for discussion with the community! Mutation? New side kick Character? Breeding?

  3. Q3 2022

    Air Drop…….

    Such as Beached Whale Game! Beach Treasure (Token)

  4. Q4 2022

    More to come

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