Local Funding for Local Projects

Since 2009, Indaver has proudly invested much of its earnings into local community groups, sports clubs and schools. This is a pattern they plan to replicate within Ringskiddy, supporting the surrounding area as best they can.

Indaver prides itself on ‘giving back’ to the communities in which their plants operate, contributing to local projects whilst actively working to protect nearby wildlife. Indaver’s Cork development will be designed to compliment the surrounding area, encouraging recycling efforts and creating hundreds of invaluable jobs for members of the local community, in addition to offering educational visits to nearby schools. Indaver is consistent and their approach to all developments continues to prioritise those who live in the vicinity of their plants.

As to ensure the Cork community remains satisfied with Indaver’s development, The Indaver Community Liaison Committee (consisting of two representatives from the local residents’ association, two local area councillors, two members of Indaver and two members of the local authority), will work to regulate the company’s continued contributions.

Indaver welcomes proposals from members of the local community who may be seeking funding for an upcoming project, no matter its focus. Indaver has always been open to new ideas, supporting a rich variety of ongoing community projects.